We hired Josh in a consulting capacity to support improving key operational systems.  Josh did a fantastic job leading the implementation of key initiatives such as an overhaul of our inventory management systems and ERP implementation. He established and operationalized KPI’s and re-envisioned our approach to customer service.  Under his leadership the company had its first profitable year, and grew revenue 20%. Throughout the process, he built strong relationships with the team and earned their respect.  Josh was a critical element of our turn around efforts.
Beth Kaplan, Managing Member, Axcel Partners

Hiring Josh/Growbridge was, without exaggerating, the best thing I ever did for my business. He gave us a completely new perspective on how to look at our operation that drastically improved our future outlook and growth. He also helped us secure a loan which he predicted we would need in about 6 months. He was dead on and if not for his guidance and assistance we would be out of business today instead of being the growing company that we have now become.
Mier Strobel, CEO, TLC Mobile, LLC

Josh certainly stepped into an incredibly challenging situation and was the guiding leadership force during a significant period of transition for Tollos.  With a relentless commitment to operational excellence, Josh was able to break down silos, barriers, and legacy behavior in a relatively short period of time and establish a new cultural foundation based on transparency and accountability.  Architecting a new communication cadence with a spirit of teamwork, Josh was instrumental in the determination and deployment of operational standards and metrics and, more importantly, KPI ownership.  He optimized processes, rationalized priorities, and empowered the organization with new IT platforms.  He stabilized existing corporate partnerships, explored new relationships, and injected the organization with fresh and energized talent.  Simply put, Josh was not just a necessary change agent; he was a transformational executive who created a reinvigorated Tollos poised for breakthrough growth.  I value Josh’s leadership, his experience, and his teamwork, and he will undoubtedly make a tremendous addition to any group, project, or organization he works with in the future.
William Vogel, CEO Tollos

Josh has re-educated us on how to think about things business-related. He can extract the business reality from almost any scenario in the time it takes you to put down your coffee.
In one critical example, Josh enlightened us to the fact that working harder every month can add an additional, and often unsustainable, 10 percent to the bottom line while growing with an additional person can enhance the entity more effectively than working harder in at least three key aspects.
(1) First, growing with an additional person can increase the bottom line more effectively than by working harder.
(2) Second, growing with an additional person can bring a new skill set and perspective to the entity that didn’t previously exist within the entity.
(3) Finally, growing with an additional person typically provides a more sustainable growth trajectory.
Joel Weiss, Weiss-Arons, Attorneys

Running a business is like keeping plates spinning in the air. We need to manage people, capture sales, stay ahead of regulations and keep an eye open to emerging trends that can grow or crush our business. I have worked with Josh, on and off, for over ten years now. He has been a great resource in helping me during the times when I felt that I needed help with those spinning plates.
Michael S. Rogers, CEO & Founder of Securityhunter, Inc.

Using Josh was like putting on a pair of glasses for me.  His insight adds the clarity that is sometimes lost.  His input allows me to make the proper decisions.
Kevin Kahn, President Intellicomp, Inc. 

I had the privilege of working closely with Josh over the last year. I watched him guide a company that had traditionally been losing money to their first profitable year in some time.  His leadership provided real focus and accountability to an organization that had been lacking both. He dug into the details, built a strong team, picked strategic KPI’s and put the company on a path to sustainable success.  I was most impressed with his willingness to implement good ideas regardless of the source, which is a rare quality.
Alan Dignon, President, Briarwood Consulting

It has been a pleasure to work with Josh.  I admire your professional conduct, open door policy, willingness to listen, consider and assist in demanding situations and daily transactions, be they personal or vocational.  Your thoughtful process improvement plans and desire to assist company employees and departments with betterment was consistent over the nine months we have worked together. Through your leadership and vision great advancements were made resulting in the financial success of profitability and a calmer, happier and more harmonious working environment for all.  For these things, I thank you, and wish you continued immense success in the future.
Annie W.- Customer Service

I have used Josh’s services on multiple occasions and consider him not only a mentor but a friend. Aside from analyzing the problem at hand from a professional viewpoint, Josh gets to know the people behind the numbers and Positions on each level. Josh has a tremendous business acumen and clearly pinpoints the fundamental areas that need to be addressed. His ability to draw up a straightforward game plan will give you and your company the confidence they need to be successful.
Benjamin Froelich

Thanks for converting our mistakes into lessons,
pressure into productivity and skills into strengths.
You really know how to bring out the best in people
JA- Southern Regional Sales

A  little over a year ago we lost our biggest customer which represented a very large percentage of our business. It was a absolute financial disaster. Josh Hurewitz came to the rescue with his incredible know how and insight into how to jump start the marketing needed to very quickly regain the lost business, which we were able to do quite quickly thanks to him. Even more important than that he gave us at the time when we were very depressed, the encouragement and confidence that we needed to once again move forward. Without his making us believe in ourselves once again I doubt that we could have done it. He is a fantastic and very knowledgeable marketing expect, but even more important a “great human being”.
Yitz Raskas, President Renue 

First and foremost, Josh is a pleasure to work with, and the consummate professional.  He brings a unique skill set and analytical approach to problems, and has a unique ability to define problems and create structured solutions to deal with them.  Moreover, Josh has the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff and identify important business issues and build strategies around those issues.  I was privileged to work in depth with Josh and highly recommend him.
Max Masinter, Corporate Attorney, DLA Piper LLP

It’s great to have the opportunity to recommend Josh to you.  Josh helped me with the evaluation of a medical goods manufacturer that I wanted to buy.  We looked at the product, the intellectual property and the numbers.  With his guidance I avoided purchasing a white elephant that would have gotten me nowhere fast. Since then, I’ve built a chain of insurance agencies and Josh has guided me toward more profitable clients and with recruiting strategies for hiring star salespeople.  You would be well served by attending one of his many seminars on business management and how to grow past obstacles, he is erudite and worldly. Candidly, Josh’s no BS approach is more than refreshing…it’s a lifeline.
David Meltzer, Owner and President

I found Josh Hurewitz’ approach to be very helpful . He has a unique ability to able to take problems and simplify so they can be easily addressed. He stays away from complicating the issues at hand and is able to document an approach in a clear concise manner. He will follow you through the process and complete it. I found him to always be very responsive  and available  to me which is especially important in a time of need.
Harold Willner, President, Schindler Foods

Josh has been, and still is, a crucial part of my businesses success. He has helped me build effective systems, given me important guidance and steps to properly grow and maintain that grow, and helped me make important decisions about business structure.  Even though he’s busy, he always makes time for me and is very responsive to all/any communication! I feel lucky to have met Josh and benefited from his knowledge and talents!
Ben Schwartz | President and Founder VacancyFillers.com