Agriculture/Landscaping/Arbor Care

Interim CEO for a team competing for a license to produce, process and distribute medical cannabis. Primarily responsible for developing the application to grow cannabis in a controlled environment.
(Chesapeake Health Sciences, Baltimore MD)

Interim COO to a newly merged landscaping and tree service company. Developed strategic framework, budgeting and sales and operational planning approaches to enable the company to leverage each side of the merger and grow. tree producer. (Y&L Outdoors and Pikesville Tree Service, Owings Mills, MD)

Developed a business/ marketing plan and internal management processes to focus a team on revenue for a Christmas and landscape tree producer. (Strathmeyer Forests- Dover, PA)

Developed a comprehensive business plan outline for a novel recycling (Vermicompost/Worms) method and product sales options.
(Deep Roots, Baltimore, MD)

Developed internal financial and operations processes that improved cash projections and costs for a dairy cattle producer/broker.
(GDC New Holland, PA)

Develop cash management strategies on a tactical and strategic level to enable a tree service company to succeed in a historically tight cash environment during growth.  
(AA Tree Experts, Baltimore, MD)

Developed a bidding/pricing/tracking mechanism for landscape and hardscape projects. Also re-casted financial management and some internal processes to segregate high- from low-profitability lines of business.
(Greenscapes, LTD, Baltimore, MD)

Support development of a growth plan for a landscape/hardscape company, including proforma cash flow, expense management in parallel with business development.
(TLK Landscaping, Baltimore, MD)




Business strategy for passenger and baggage security software logistics for sale to TSA. Supported obtaining government grant to integrate system with US airline & government security protocols.
(Secure-Logic, Netanya, IL)

Product definition and business strategy for a mobile and stationary security surveillance product with integration and monitoring capabilities.
(Visual Detection Systems, Baltimore, MD)

Developed an overall strategy and execution of management processes for a physical–logical security company supporting the US Government. Company revenue increased by an order of magnitude during engagement. (Securityhunter, Baltimore, MD)

Business advisor and coach in support of a rapidly expanding security officer company. Advised on a wide variety of issues ranging from HR, developing internal processes, managing teams and developing KPIs to track progress. (DMAC Security, Baltimore, MD)

Developing and executing a rapid expansion strategy of an electronic security company providing solutions in both CONUS (Continental United States) and OCONUS (Outside the Continental United States) locations.
(Continental Security & Design Solutions, Baltimore, MD)


Determine primary drivers of online enrollment which enabled marketing to target efforts on high-probability candidates, facilitating higher yield per marketing level-of-effort.
(American Military University, Charlestown, WV)

Develop a strategy to increase the financial viability and operational strength of a niche college by articulating a strategy and working through some of the execution priorities, including a short- and long-term recruitment plan, certification and an overall approach to achieving operational excellence.
(WITS, Baltimore, MD)

Internal process reset for multiple operations in an educational institution with four divisions where operational independence and dependence were loosely defined. The goal of the project was to set in motion not only operational changes including supporting systems and redefining roles, but also to trigger a culture change.
(Talmudical Academy, Baltimore, MD)

Direct and manage development of a long-term strategic plan for non-profit family and youth development organization.
(Shoresh, Adamstown, MD)

Support development of operational and management processes for a rapidly growing organization that supports/rehabilitates youth with residential and programmatic activities. Supported new leader to frame the relationship of the leader with the board.
(JTAP, Baltimore, MD)

Develop business strategy and investment deck for a niche publishing company. Worked on an approach to secure investment that would enable dramatic growth by pursuing untapped opportunity in the addressable market.
(LifeCodex, Baltimore, MD)

Business Services

Develop a business plan, including a go-to-market plan for a classical music composer who has presence in the market, but not a significant amount of commercial penetration. Included a full background on copyrights and royalty steams
(Mangosteen, LP, New York, NY)

Prepare for and develop a Business Development approach for a novel, patented, snow removal and melting device. Determined the appropriate target market and the most receptive business development targets to pursue for further product development. (SMRV, Baltimore, MD)

Develop a going-forward strategy and change management plan and executing it for a property management business and family office.  (Mount Royal, Baltimore, MD)

Consultant to a business publication. Focused on developing marketing approach, sales approach, pricing and price negotiation, customer retention and overall growth strategy
(Authority Magazine, Baltimore, MD)

Consultant to a niche accounting and management firm (Family Office Management) on strategic growth and operational issues related to growth.
(Acadia Family Office, Baltimore, MD)

Strategic and operational reset for an auto parts recycling company that focuses on high-value parts with a well-developed channel presence. Instituted and rationalized buying processes that were both more efficient and effective.
(Maryland Core, Baltimore, MD)

Support development of a commercial real estate consulting firm with positioning, pricing, market segmentation and selecting target markets to pursue and specific proposal development and negotiation. (Cornerstone Real Estate Consulting, Baltimore, MD)

Enhance business model and strategy of a medical loan company to penetrate multiple verticals with different strategies for each vertical that was appropriate for the medical provider, the medical treatment type, the decision process and overall customer experience.
(LoanTime New York, NY)

Consultant subcontractor to a Sales and Marketing training organization. Performed strategic and operational analysis to support wholesale furniture, plastic surgery and structured settlement clients.
(Neuberger & Co., Baltimore, MD)

Codified internal processes to support scale & delegation in support of aggressive growth strategy of a consulting firm serving Fortune 500 clients.
(Datum Strategy, Annapolis, MD)

Developed operational processes to grow a legal services company; Targeting database design; Market planning and specific tactics and marketing goals.
(Patents Ink, Baltimore, MD)

Developed operational approach and perform overall project management to support marketing, and operating a specialty resort.
(HLF, Cambridge, MD)

Developed a growth strategy related to expanding existing products to new markets that require food security and branding. Involved designing research to probe newer markets, define the benefits required and developing an appropriate offering.(Kosher Tape Plus, Baltimore, MD)

Developed a business case and preliminary go-to-market plan for a niche video/3D animation and product distribution company.
(EMES Productions, Baltimore, MD)

Developed business/marketing strategy for a specialty insurance company (Global Sci-Tech, Baltimore, MD)

Developed business case and plan for a retail consumer products company to enter an market where competitors are well established. Differentiation of the new entry involved using a multi-faceted
marketing and in-store elements.(AS Smoke, Silver Spring, MD)

Developed business strategy refresh for a high-end graphics and marketing company (Staiman Design, Baltimore, MD)

Developed a forward looking cash flow projection model based on invoices, scheduled work, work to be scheduled and the sales pipeline. Made recommendations for consolidating information that would lead to forward looking cash flows to provide management with an improved picture of cash, Also suggested methods to manage the business with cash flow as part of the decision process.
(Advanced Heating and Cooling, Reisterstown, MD)

Developed business and sales strategy and supported implementation to dramatically grow a services business to increase sales, establish a stable cash flow position and generally expand, without outrunning cash flow.
(Renue Systems, Baltimore, MD)

Develop a growth strategy and specific tactics including financial management, operational management, marketing and business development for a law firm specializing in intellectual property matters.
(WeissArons, Pomona, NY)

Developing a Business Plan and Go-to-Market implementation plan for a mobile application.
(ChangeUP, Baltimore, MD)

Support development of a Marketing Plan for a wholesale/retail IP telephony provider.
(Capalon Communications, Baltimore, MD)

Developed a financing/equity pitch book for a multi-state Heating/Cooling/Refrigeration company serving thousands of large retail locations.
(BrinesMechanical, Lathrup Village, MI)


Developed a collaboration strategy for an aviation antenna that provides connectivity: IP, TV & Cell Phone. Company sold to Panasonic.
(Starling, Yokneam., IL)

Perform full assessment of current operations of a specialty military aircraft replacement parts manufacturer. Outlined business development, capture, administrative processes, technical design and manufacturing processes. Highlighted areas of potential improvement related to systems, personnel and processes.
(Handy Tool, Brooklyn, NY)

Led/executed a business development-partnering strategy for a technology company in the airport space in South Africa.
(Acutech, Johannesburg, SA)

Penetration strategy for an airport radar product; Responsible for North American business development and sales. Developed specific value proposition for airlines/airports; Company sold to Crouse Hinds and IAI.
(Transtech, Herzelia, IL)

Developed a sales and marketing plan for a helicopter spraying company to capture high-value customers while balancing resources to maximize profit/cash flow
(Ag Air, York, PA)

Developed business strategy for a terrestrial-based aviation communication system that enabled a strategic alliance with Harris Corporation & expansion in Europe.
(Voyant, Palo Alto, CA)

Supported a business case for development of aircraft nose gear motor that conserves fuel during taxiing.
(WheelTug, Balt. MD)

Developed a go-to-market business case and strategy for low-cost substitute radar system (onboard and network/ADS-B) for central and South American markets.
(ARINC, Annapolis, MD)

High Tech

Develop business strategy and plan for a novel device that manages and maintains productivity of PV (Photovoltaic-Solar) systems by using a a combined HW and SW suite that is directed at both new build and retrofit/maintenance applications.
(SolAD-Solar Electronics, LTD, Jerusalem, Israel)

Work with founders of a security SW product to plan for explosive growth from a sales, operational support, product development and cash management perspectives.
(MirageID, Baltimore, MD)

Develop commercialization strategy for a medical simulator developed at Johns Hopkins University; Licensing strategy to multiple manufacturers & a separate spin-off business
(Birth Injury Prevention, Baltimore, MD)

Developed a business strategy and plan, technical development plan and seed money raise strategy for novel combustion engine technology.
(LIM Technology, Glen Burnie, MD)

Develop a strategy to develop partnerships for a company with an additive to plastic that confers unique properties to a range of end products.
(G-Tech, Glen Burnie, MD) 

Developed a business case and plan for a natural gas vehicle/station start up business with a range of alliance partners.
(Amber Pure Power, Woodlawn, MD)


Developed strategy/tactics for a realignment of a $200M construction company. Included cash flow management, tracking metrics and overall management process,
(DGS, Schuster Concrete, Owings Mills, MD)

Developed a reset strategy and tactics for a fire safety company (sprinklers, alarms etc. Involved setting a growth strategy, reviewing and revising all operational aspects of the company, streamlining processes and assisting in placing talent in positions where required to execute the strategy. (Advanced Fire Protection Services, Baltimore, MD)

Support CEO in determining and implementing a growth strategy through recruiting and training staff. (Abramson Engineering, Baltimore, MD)

Normalized processes for a construction management company specializing in pre-fabricated home installation includina all field activity, field reporting, project management, financial management, cash flow management and other operational function including contracting, HR and related functions. (BPN Construction, Washington, DC)

Develop an expansion strategy and business plan to secure funding for a foam insulation contractor. Developed cash management approaches to ensure adequate cash during periods of aggressive growth. (Winner Insulation, Baltimore, MD)

Develop a growth strategy for a commercial contractor. Included developing a strategy, determining the organizational structure, assessing staff, developing processes that enable growth, developing metrics to monitor the strategy and setting up tight financial controls to manage cash. (AEG Contracting, Baltimore, MD)

Strategic and operational reset for an REO company that renovates bank-owned properties for resale to the open market. Recommendations included primarily process changes, but also some system and organizational changes.
(First Freedom Preservation, Baltimore, MD)

Developed a proposal for a construction company to an allied product industry to form an alliance leveraging each’s strengths in a local market. Led to the alliance being formed and up and running.
(Baltimore Residential, Baltimore, MD)

Developed a system that enabled management to prioritize and re-prioritize work to be performed so that deadlines could be met and labor operated at capacity. The system used existing information systems, but required consolidation of information into simple use-able decision-relevant reports. (Nelson Precast, Baltimore, MD)


Developed a strategy to support aggressive growth in an equipment rental company through alignment of resources, processes and distinct business models for different market segments. Project culminated in purchasing software to enable scaling up. Led the software implementation effort.
(ComRent, Owings, MD)

Developed strategy and processes, especially rationalizing cash management, for a multi-location fine jewelry operation, which included multi-channel purchase and sales channels.
(Kaylah Designs, Baltimore, MD)

Developed an overall multi-pronged strategy for an online specialty food company which included multiple suppliers, sales channels, and business process and support systems.
(Crafted Kosher, Baltimore, MD)

Developed turnaround approach and plan for a specialty clothing manufacturer as a means of negotiating current debt with a lending institution.
(Cambridge, Baltimore, MD)

Supported a start-up focusing on digital sales of art. Articulated the strategy, developed and managed a project plan and financial plans with tracking.  (Ben’s Gallery, Brooklyn, NY)

Supported a business strategy and operations of a disposable lab supply company. Perform financial and operational analysis in an effort to support determination of the strategic focus of the company and market channel emphasis that would support profitable growth. (Stellar Scientific, Baltimore. MD)

Perform financial and operational analysis in an effort to support determination of the strategic direction of the company in terms of forming an alliance or remaining independent. (W&L, Baltimore. MD)

Advise a retail woman’s clothing store on adjusting operations to become more profitable. (Ooo La La, Baltimore. MD)

Temporary COO to upgrade the management team and institute strategic planning and operational processes. Initiated a new market channel approach which accounted for dramatic increases (30%) in overall company revenue. (Big Fish Art, Baltimore, MD)

Streamline processes for a rapidly expanding multifaceted, multi-product, multi-sales channel business online retailer to enable profitable growth. Included aligning processes, staff roles and activity with systems that enabled management to detect and control operational issues, identify emerging opportunities and narrow the scope of management to allow them to focus on higher-level management issues.
(Limited Goods, Owings Mills, MD)

Supporting business model upgrade and business development efforts in a seafood importing, processing and wholesale business. Developed business models that are unique to the industry for niche products as well as core products for high-end commercial and retail end customers.
(Shindler Foods, Baltimore, MD)

Develop and implement a go-to-market strategy for a unique consumer vacuum. Included all aspects of marketing strategy and distribution.
(Georgian Bay Plastics/FloatVac Ontario, CA)

Develop a strategy, help secure funding and develop a Sales & Operational Planning process for a cell phone refurbishment and sales company enabling rapid and sustainable profitable growth.
(L&S Enterprises Baltimore, MD)

Develop a basis for understanding how a company should transform from a more manual, individual-dependent company to a process-driven company using systems.
(ARPS, Hunt Valley, MD)

Develop management systems that facilitate efficient cash usage and management of a rapidly growing manufacturer, importer and online retailer of children-focused products. Provided views of the business that supported decision making that balanced cash use, access to external cash, supply and demand management, advertising investments and other business control points. (Borne, LLC, Baltimore, MD)

Support management in developing a start-up company offering a niche food product.  Involved orienting founders to consider various trade-offs in the start-up phases and positioning the company for meaningful go-to-market testing.
(BeriOat, Baltimore, MD)


Engaged as a temporary COO to transform an international healthcare device manufacturing/distribution company from losses to profitability. Involved managing all aspects of operations improvement, establishing processes, team building, strategy and assumed the role of the senior leader reporting to the BoD.(Tollos, Owings Mills, MD)

Worked with the executive team of a rapidly growing, multi-site Sports-focused Physical Therapy company to develop management practices, organizational changes and tracking data to manage rapid growth and executive responsibility. Involved understanding the need for and the implications of organizational change. (TrueSports PT, Baltimore, MD)

Developed operational analysis to generate an expansion plan for an on-site and remote pediatric therapy practice. Included analyzing processes, system and staff to both improve the current operation and to scale it by leveraging the current infrastructure and centralizing some functions. Provided some KPIs that captured progress against strategic goals
(The Therapy Spot, Baltimore, MD)

Performed overall company strategy and operations assessment to enable an ABA therapy company to capitalize on the high demand for services. Involved understanding the challenges of operating in a high turnover environment and challenges balancing clinical needs and payer-imposed compensation. Interim results only to date.
(STEPS ABA, Towson, MD)

Performed head-to toe assessment of operations and suggested organizational and role changes, development of playbooks for complex processes, and a host of other changes that would lead to accountability of staff and transparency for management. Interim results only to date.
(DAAS Wellness, Pomona, NY)

Developed an investor/partnering strategy to enable dramatic growth in a newer, high-growth, high-margin target hair loss market requiring operational and management resets.
(Lena’s Wigs, Baltimore, MD)

Developed analysis to quantify impact of reimbursement changes to a Medicare-HMO based on patient mix and geographic location.
(Elderhealth, Baltimore, MD)

Developed an initial strategy and plan for a new Global Healthcare System, that is similar to Medical Tourism, with a much stronger value proposition.
(GHS, Teaneck, NJ)

Develop a business development approach for a company with IP related to ergonomic tool handle geometry. Consisted of understanding which markets would be likely most receptive to adopting the technology and identifying the qualitative and quantitative value proposition elements for each market. Developing both a “push” and “pull” approach for medical-related and non-medical applications. Involves seeking out channel partners in each industry.
(ScalPal, Baltimore, MD)

Advised a company expanding to 5 states and deepening penetration in those states. Recommended operational changes to increase efficiency and effectiveness, financing to enable expansion, human resource strategies and overall strategic approach to capitalize on the expansion. (Advanced Pedorthics, Baltimore, MD)

Consult with a start-up medical device company to advise on specific efforts related to developing an understanding of the current market and penetration challenges, as well as alliance development with market channel partners.
(Exorise, Baltimore, MD)

Consult with a start-up medical device company to advise on specific efforts related to developing an understanding of how to relate to an alliance partner in order to go-to-market. Provided guidance on the nature of various alliance types and structure types.
(MindBridge Innovations Harrisburg, PA)